Day 1 Always Buy Single Ply

For Sheets per Roll, this is the best deal

It’s toilet paper. you use it to wipe the seat off from the previous stall attendee who thought they could pee through the center. You use it to wipe your butt. For home use though, it’s always running out and to get the best bang for your buck…buy that single ply.

Buy Single Ply bad advice
The rough stuff is good at taking a good layer of skin off as well as any smeary remnants. Plus, single ply is the best deal out there.

Sure there might be a few situations where you wished an extra couple of sheets in hand could have spared a messy hand washing, but for the most part all you need is single ply. For years there was only one…and those proud bum-wiping pioneers were damn happy they didn’t have to use newspaper, or leaves, anymore.

Fight the corporate greed and stick with the single ply…just use a little extra.


Day Zero…Getting Started