Day 12 Naked Selfies

Revealing… and Forever!

We’ve heard of NFL players sending ‘dick pics’ to random ladies. We’ve even been tempted during those early dating days to send a bit of a teaser pic off to that future mr. or mrs. you. It’s damn easy, and with a drink or two you can relax and snap away.

selfies in marble
David obviously wasn’t around when this ‘selfie’ was sculpted. 

Pictures and the internet immortalize us. Prior to the world wide web… the only means of making your true body everlasting was to hire a sculptor and have him chip away for months on end. Tip your sculptor handsomely and maybe a little ‘photoshopping’ could have been worked in to emphasize or exaggerate any particular features you want.

Of course now… snap a pic, add a filter… and send. Make sure it’s a damn good photo, something worthy of going viral. All publicity is good publicity!


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