Day 14 Dog Poop can be Excellent Fertilizer

Who is the Master, You or the Canine?

We’ve heard angry neighbors complain about wiping a little poo off their shoes. I know I have stepped in some smeary evil freshly excreted from those cute four-legged friends of ours. Find me some grass and I am good.

poop away my dog friend
This guy is courteous enough to squat out of the way. If only the rest of us could do the same with dignity.

Now when exactly did we become sensitized to a little poop. Up until a decade or two ago, we wouldn’t have even thought of wasting plastic bags on picking up those warm greasy logs. Let the sun, wind, and nearby birds deal with breaking the piles down to something nature can reabsorb.

So reassert yourself as the true master, and let your dog poop in peace. No hovering with an ashamed look on your face. Just have the courtesy to keep your animal off the sidewalk. After all, kids walk here too.


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