Day 19 Bars are a Great Place to Meet that Special Someone

Avoid Online Dating and Head to the Bar!

It’s almost the weekend again. What do you have planned that might be exciting? Maybe this is the weekend for a casual hookup or maybe that casual hookup turns into a life mate. New best friend? Maybe just a random story to share with your workmates come Monday.

Demi and Ashton Dating
These two must have had a couple drinks before deciding life is too short to be doing it alone.

Leave the online dating world to the anti-social types. You can take charge. You spot him, or her, across the room and know in an instant that they are a person you just have to know. It’s chemistry, or fate…whatever your flavor. Buy them a shot or two and let the honesty roll out.

While you’re at it…be sure to have a few drinks yourself. If anyone needs convincing, it’s probably you and a couple drinks go a long ways towards speeding up any decision making. After all…life is like a box of chocolates…you never really know what you’re gonna get.


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