Day 21 Bring Your Own Meal on a Plane

Avoid Bland Tasteless Plane Food

In an effort to save a few operational dollars, you’ve seen flight attendants move from being your waiter or waitress to just someone that instructs you on how to fasten a seatbelt and exit the craft if something really bad were to happen.  Oh yeah, these people now offer the tiniest bag of pretzels and stale cookies too.

airplane meal options
Peel back the lid on the flavorless mystery item #2…and in 30 minutes you’re guaranteed to be both unsatisfied and hungry

Man can not live off of 9 mini pretzels and cookie dust. We need food! So it is very satisfying to know I can purchase the biggest, sauciest meatball sub for ingestion mid-flight…any time I want. No more waiting for that elbow smashing cart to inch it’s way down the aisle. Any food…any time.

So prepare for your travels wisely. If you’re bringing something cold, make sure that item stays cold. A marginally warm sausage on a bun, can keep it’s zest with freshly cut onions and some spicy cheese product. Your neighboring passengers might not appreciate your impromptu meal, but whatever…it’s probably the last time you’ll see them ever again anyways. At least you left a lasting impression and kept your belly happy.


Day 20 Toast up a Pop Tart for the Most Important Meal of the Day