Day 25 Siphon a Little Gas

Wrap Those Lips Around a Hose and Suck

I would never suggest that you steal gas from random vehicles. This tip is more for making the most of fuel you might have in one of your own cars. Gasoline is pricey, and it makes no sense to let that fuel go bad in a truck or van that rarely gets used.

siphon gas
Now if the pumps don’t have any gasoline, siphoning your fuel is probably the only way to go. Maybe they still have some 151 inside that you could pour in your tank and get you another block or two.

Instructions are simple. Find yourself a good five or six foot length of spare garden hose (chances are that if you need to siphon some gas, you have access to unused hose). After removing the cap, slip that tubular tool down the fill tube to where that precious liquid awaits. Get a feel for where the hose bottoms out.

With your jerry can handy, tip the free end of the hose down to around the level of the tire and suck on the end. Depending on the fill level of the tank, and how lucky you are, you might not need to suck all that hard before getting that fuel to flow.

Unlucky means you pulled a little too hard, and will be burping gasoline for the next day or so. You’ve had tequila, regular unleaded could be considered a comparable…depending on the brand of tequila of course.

Save yourself a few dollars. Save the world with less stranded fuel.


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