Day 26 TV is a Great Babysitter

Using your Television as a Chaperone

Well, maybe not a chaperone in the true sense of the word. Your television isn’t quite ready to escort your teenage kids to the high school dance, but for younger kids TV can be a great way of keeping those pesky young ones out from under foot.

old TV babysitting
How many generations has this relic been responsible for? I wonder if someone patched in a VCR to get Disney flicks running for after hours programming.

Kids can learn so much more from the ‘boob tube’ anyways. When was the last time you brushed up on your knowledge of National Parks? How about those ‘five-dollar words’ some newscasters might work into their scoop of the day.

TV keeps kids current, and when there isn’t a live broadcast for children to tune into, why not hand them over a tablet or even your phone. I know there are apps to keep your cats happy, so there’s bound to be something to keep your kid completely engaged in anything other than the inane question of ‘How was your day?’

Maybe television can stir a little after dinner conversation…


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