Day 29 One Password for All

8 to 10 Characters, Including Capital Letters and Symbols

What happened to the days of just being able to use the name of your favorite childhood pet as your password? Hackers these days seem to think they have it all figured out, but really it’s a matter of percentages.

password suggestion chalkboard
Now this is thinkin’! Keep the hints simple, and your password simpler. If you have sensitive information online people should see…maybe it shouldn’t be there in the first place

I am one person among 7 billion in this world. Sure, I use English as a first language and I am as uninteresting as the guy standing on the street across from you waiting for the bus. If a hacker were to crack my single password and unlock the secrets to my life…well it might just make things way more interesting. Maybe I might get the chance to create a brand new life…with the name of another favorite pet acting as the gateway to each of my new accounts.

Keep it simple people. Minimize your online accounts, and just use a single password. I’m just glad I don’t have to memorize phone numbers anymore, especially email addresses!


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