Day 31 Buy a Tiger!

You are a Cat Person, so Get a Tiger

Sure kittens are cute, but everyone has one. Tigger was cute as hell, and friendly to boot. Tony the Tiger has been telling me for years that Frosted Flakes are grrrr-eat too. So if you really are a cat person, why not venture beyond those traditional cat boundaries and get yourself a real beast.

cat food for tigers
Wait, is this people food or tiger food, because if Tony has been pitching this as a real feline feast…maybe cat food isn’t near as bad as it smells.

This of course assumes you have the space to raise a tiny, cute rapscallion of a feline from it’s small orange and black striped body into a full blown man eater. Not only space, but you also have the budget to fill the belly of that cat…unless you have other unwanted pets, or an infestation of wild bunnies bouncing around your back yard. Remember that apartments are not the place to attempt raising of a tiger.

Also, make sure to leash train your new friend as well. I have seen potbellied pigs on leashes, so a tiger can’t be that much harder to train. You might just as well show off your new friend and make the most of it. They say walking a dog is a great way to meet people. Methinks that with a tiger on a leash…you might attract a few more phone numbers than that guy walking that scrunchy-faced pug.


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