Day 34 Love Your New Sofa

Plush Red Velvet For a Couch

When you feel you have graduated from Ikea furniture, and it’s time to get something a bit more grown up…be sure to pick furniture you will never grow tired of.

tufted red couch
Leather or Pleather, this sofa is bound to stand the test of time and any parties you have. A spill, and liquids will slide right off…plus, you can’t tell if there is ever a stain on this baby. Win Win!

What’s your favorite color? A brilliant blue, in maybe a furry fabric might be awesome for a couch. Just imagine afternoon weekend snoozes on the equivalent of Cookie Monster. That sounds damn near like heaven to me. Maybe green is more your speed, or something a little more contemporary like a mustard yellow. A cozy chocolate might be lovely.

Practicality says that if you are a wine connoisseur, fabrics falling into the burgundy palette might be more appropriate. You like to eat on the couch…think about your favorite meals you enjoy there…and maybe consider color matching that potentially spilled food with the surface of your sofa. I will not recommend options for you Kraft Dinner aficionados.

Or…you could drape things in plastic. Somehow I can’t imagine a plasticized couch being anything but waterproof and uncomfortable.


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