Day 37 Enter Through The Gift Shop

Save a few bucks on admission

You’ve arrived at some roadside tourist trap and sure enough they are charging way more cash than you’re willing to part with. I saw this just today, and 30 dollars per person is just way too damn much money for entrance to any attraction. I have a hard time paying 15 bucks to see a movie! Time to reverse the order of things and instead of exiting through the gift shop…think about making that your entrance point.

free entrance through the gift shop
Ah, the distracted cell phone technique. I like this manoeuvre because you don’t even have to look anyone in the eye…just head down and aimlessly walk on through the wrong door. ‘Honestly…it was an accident!’

A few items need to come together to eliminate that entrance fee. Consider factoring into your plan a busy long weekend, a full gift shop, few staff monitoring the floor, and of course a non-descript wardrobe that blends in with the crowd. You don’t want to raise suspicions now.

Enter the giftshop through the open for the non-touring guests. Spend a few minutes milling about. Don’t ask the staff any questions and simply blend in while making your way slowly to the door to the grounds. When the time is right…simply walk through that door and you’re home free.

If any one asks, you simply got turned around…it happens!


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