Day 41 The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

A Tepid and Tasty Spread of All Your Basic Food Groups

Oh how I miss the overstuffing that only came with those $12.95 Tuesdays. An all you could eat lunch among coworkers also hell bent on getting their money’s worth is team building. Damn it’s satisfying to know you aren’t paying twenty bucks for a hamburger, and an experience worth sharing.

buffet for all
Fill yer boots! Here’s a display of food bound to satisfy any belly. Note the warm and inviting yellow-green lighting. Both encouraging of appetite and excellent for making heaps of mild flavored food look good after being out there for hours.

When you confidently stride into the place, past the gatekeeper at the register, ambience and mood are not essential. Cleanliness could also be overlooked if the trays of nourishment look overly appealing under the red rays of the heat lamps. I might have even seen a mouse once or twice…no big deal. Just pay the lady at the till, and grab a seat near the spread. You’re going back more than twice, and it’s best to keep an eye out for any new options brought out from behind the mystery kitchen door.

Careful to avoid the starchy fillers that take away some of that precious stomach space. You have to look for the best value foods here, not the oh-so-tasty oversalted soggy french fries. Maybe a plate of prawns, sushi, and some of that sort-of-prime rib. Protein people, not fried rice.

When you’re full to the gills, be sure to pack a traveller. Any protein that can be neatly rolled up in a napkin and stuffed into your pants pocket is always a win. Come 4PM when you’re hankering for a fried chicken leg to gnaw on…that warm greasy morsel should be ripe and ready for devouring.

Or you could save those pocket snacks for dinner…or the bus ride home. Mmmm…. fried pocket poultry.


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