Day 43 Fight Scurvy with Margaritas

Happy Hour Can be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Those seafaring Brits back in the day realized that without a little citrus in their diet, loose teeth and bloody gums were soon to come. Now, bad teeth has always been accepted by these ghostly white folk, but bleeding gums… we’ll just say ‘not so sexy’.

margaritas vitamin c
If lime isn’t your favorite flavor, then maybe strawberry or mango! Time to research what other vitamins I can extract through other colorful cocktails.

So, you probably aren’t a big vitamin taker as well. Vitamins you know are for the old and weak. As for good old Vitamin C, well we know that comes from oranges and similar sour ass fruit. Eating a plain orange for breakfast is just…well…boring. Mix in a little gin with that orange juice for that wake up buzz.

Or, save yourself for an over the top sized margarita. Something about the size of your head. The sheer amount of ascorbic acid souring up the drink should fight off any cold germs the bartender might have sneezed into your salt rimmed glass. And if not the citrus, then the tequila might just as well scare off any virus.

Margaritas, an essential part to making it through another flu season while keeping your teeth in place and gums attractive. Not only that, but an excellent way to pass the time on some sunny patio. Cheers!


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