Day 46 Save a Tree, Use a Handkerchief!

Hankies Aren’t Just for Banditos

I remember my grandpa used to carry one of these cottony rags in his pocket to take care of a drippy nose. He also used a handkerchief as a napkin, cleaning up the gravy and ketchup from around his mouth after downing a big plate of french fries. I don’t think environmentalism was part of his vocabulary, as the hankie was more a necessary day-to-day accessory.

handkerchief to catch boogers
These guys spent so much time together, they started wearing hankies just to keep any viruses to themselves. It was only public engagements where these fashion pieces made it to their pockets

Well, like most practical clothing items, this reusable tissue seems to have gone out of fashion. People everywhere figure it’s fine to munch up a few more trees to create few boxes of aloe-infused tissues to sneeze their boogers into. This really does sound like the epitome of a disposable culture. Shame on all of us!

Nowadays, we only see the classic handkerchief on cowboy bandits, or covering up Axl Rose’s fat forehead. I think those Asian ladies wearing the surgical masks could switch things up a little and drape a little cloth triangle across their face instead. The air of mystery would make that bus ride all that much more interesting…especially when you see them get off and enter the nearest bank.

So why not bring back the hankie to save a tree or two? When that post-nasal drip has you sniffling incessantly…having a fashionable square of fabric that isn’t your sleeve can be quite handy.

Just peel back the wad of fabric and find a non-crusty bit to fit around your mucous-filled nostrils, and blow. If I meet you on the street, I won’t be scared to shake your hand.


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