Day 49 Spelling Corectly Isn’t Neccesary

Read Between the Lines, Not the Characters

Officialy, it’s now seven weeks into this challenge. I’ve written about twelve or thirteen thousand words and to make sure each and every one of those is spelt correctly can be a bitch. It’s the essense of thought that I want to impress upon you, not keeping tabs on each and every word for correct letter placement.

spell correctly is overrated
These kids should really get outside and enjoy some of this sunshine. What happened to playing in the park, or burning ants with a magnifying glass? Do thier parents realize this kind of punishment starts at home and lasts a lifetime?

Spelling was one of those things I always did well in. Come time for quizzes, I knew the difference between thier, there and they’re. Neighbor and color were always a problem though due to inconsistencies between the traditional British spellings and language we’re more familiar with from our cuzzins south of the border. America is all about simplicity, and opportunity! You can’t get ahead very quick by double-checking where your u’s are placed.

And now we have evolved to the point of mobile devices. Talking has been replaced by texting. You want to tap out a quick note before that next dinner course makes it’s way to the table, which means your fingers might just tap on the wrong psuedo keys. It happens. Auto-correct might save your ass, or the corection might just completly mess with the meaning you were going for.

Of course that auto-correct might be utterly hilarious in it’s intepretation of what you wanted to say. Remember, it’s the point of the writing that is important…not the individual words, or characters that make up those words. Anyone that wants to judge me on my spelling can well… shove those rightly spelt word right up their arse.

Wait a minute…what’s a corection? Sounds dirty.


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