Day 50 Pay for It in Pennies

You Always Have Exact Change

The penny seems to have lost a little of its buying power over the last few decades. So much so that the Canadian Government decided to phase out our only copper piece due to lack of use by the regular consumer.

one cent coins
The Americans still have the penny worked into their daily currency exchange. They love the coppery glow that piles of pennies make. How did we Canucks lose sight of that?

Yes, apparently all these retailers that were giving us pennies back during every cash transaction when giving us the difference. These same retailers were not converting consumers into penny users, only penny hoarders. We were simply pocketing these coins and stashing them in jars around the house, filling the cracks of the couch, or getting trapped in the lint tray of the dryer after successfully navigating the wash cycle.

So here is the thought. Although stores may be rounding their cash transactions to the nearest nickel…there should be nothing stopping you from using up a few of those stashed pennies for…let’s say…a donut. Think of that jar of pennies like a free case of beer, or maybe a trip to Jamaica (depending on the size of your penny jar). It’s just a matter of hauling that container of copper currency out the front door of the house and into the next checkstand line. Cash or credit? This time it’s all cash!

For unrolled pennies, consider paying in weight. A dollar in pennies is just over half a pound, at 235 grams. If you’re carting a backpack of pennies around, consider bringing a scale along with you for payment in loose coins. Save the rolling for the staff of the store…that’s what they get paid for.

I have a good 20 pounds of just pennies. I can sit on them, maybe build up that cache to the point where I can do a “Scrooge McDuck Swim” through that pile.


Day 49 Spelling is for Keeners. Spare us the Accuracy and Just Write!