Day 53 Start Your Day With Instant Coffee

Pure Concentrated Goodness You Can Wake Up To

Instant coffee isn’t quite instant. You still have to wait a few minutes for the kettle to boil, or microwave to heat a mug of water to something above tepid. However, when that water is ready…just keep on adding spoonfuls of those chocolate-colored crystals until palatable.

terrible coffee
Now if they could only get the cream mixed in just right…along with the sugar. Oh, who am I kidding…gimme more of the dark stuff!

That morning coffee isn’t so much about early day enjoyment, but more about getting the poop to move. Maybe even to shake the cobwebs a little. A caffeine pill would probably suffice, but powdered instant coffee absorbs into your bloodstream so much faster…plus you can control the level of awakeness you might need…instantly.

Originally developed for troop use, coffee was brewed up, concentrated, then freeze-dried. That cup of brewed coffee that you know from weekend diner brunches, was essentially dehydrated for quick field rehydration and soldier consumption. A warm cup of coffee went a long way to improving the morale of our defenses…when such a long ways from home.

I’m not a soldier, but I like to carry a tub of this stuff around with me while travelling. The hotel room coffee can sometimes smell like ass, and if the maid didn’t do her job…might be only decaf. With a little of my own instant supply, I can perk up that cup of joe and ensure my bowels are clear before leaving the room. Really clear. If you travel, and know the difficulty with that body clock not adjusting for the time zone shift…you know what I mean. Nobody likes a plane pooper.

One scoops, two scoops…whatever you like. Add to water or just let it dissolve on your tongue. Consider stashing a wad in your lip and let the sharp bits cut into your gums for a quicker high.

If you’re more concerned with taste and experience…well, the flavor is a constant work in progress. Experience… ’nuff said.


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