Day 55 Bring Doritos to a Potluck

Everyone Loves All-Dressed

You have been invited to this potluck party for a few months now…and over that time you have thought about all the wonderful dishes you could learn to make. That event day finally comes around, and of course you don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to even attempt an experimental dish. Plus, you probably don’t have the necessary kitchen gear or ingredients.

cheap pot luck
Here we have a mystery spread of food that almost resembles a buffet. I think the bag of chips might be easier to make friends with than that chili recipe of Aunt Martha’s.

Excuses aside, it really is easier to just go out and buy a pre-made dish to bring along to the party. Sure, there may be a few tuna casseroles that were lovingly prepared and amazing cupcakes which you never could compete with. Don’t even try to keep up with those Joneses.

There will always be more than enough food at the venue. When guests take to the kitchen in to make up a pot or plate of food, they tend to go overboard with the thought there has to be enough for everyone to nibble on. If even just half of the invitees take this approach, simple math says an small army could feed for days.

So, I say skip bringing a dish. Don’t show up empty-handed though…and be the life of the party with a couple bags of tasty chips. Maybe barbecue or all-dressed Doritos are always a winner. Rather than just lay the bag down, make it a point to wander around the gathering…sharing your bag of chips with anyone and everyone.

You are a generous and friendly person. You are also hungry, and know this is a great source of near free food.


Day 54 The Instructions for Opening A Bag of Chips Can Be Found Inside