Day 57 – Glitter on Everything!

All That Glitters is Not Gold

…but damn is it shiny! Last night we went to a performance of sorts. A gal with an excess of glitter lipstick, sequins, and of course a disco ball or two. Not sure how exactly to categorize the event other than something comedic and different to occupy a Saturday evening. I do remember glitter though…lots of it. At one point, this quiet senior citizen dragged into the performance was doused in a mug full of silvery fragments. At the end of the night, he was still picking the bits from his hair…and looked damn good doing it.

sparkle navel
Now how exactly do I get glitter out of a navel? These aren’t edible sparkles, otherwise I would have a plan.

Directions for use, and guidelines for application are really quite simple. Buy two bags, because one is never enough. Sprinkle a healthy dose of sparkling confetti on everything…tables and the dancefloor is an excellent start. Finally, add spotlights and that bland venue can be perked up to something near acceptable. Lighting selection and placement is critical to maximize visual effect.

Why not on water? In a pool, glitter floats for a bit, then slowly sinks to reflect the rays spat out by the underwater lights. Sprinkle a bag across the surface of the water to elegantly jazz up any pool. I am now thinking… hot tub!

Glitter in sunscreen. Glitter on the dancefloor. Glitter in my clothes, hair, food, and bed sheets… if you weren’t a morning person before, waking up to a little sparkle can turn that frown upside down before even getting to that morning coffee.

I think I still have some shiny flecks under my nails…even after two showers…oh the memories…


Day 56 Add Glitter to Sweatpants to Club in Comfort