Day 59 Save A Seat For Me

It’s Better When We Sit Together

You’ve been the first to arrive before. Whether it be a concert, church, or even a movie…you want to sit with the people you know and love. You know who always tends to be fashionably late . You also know that if they don’t arrive soon we won’t be sitting together. You know I like sitting next to you.

saving seats
To comfortably stretch yourself out on seats like these…skip laying down on the row of seats and just stretch out in front. If you’re afraid of a little popcorn and sticky cola, then just be active, stretch your arms, take off your shirt, anything an irrational monkey might do to protect that banana.

Saving seats is one of those life skills we learn at an early age. It’s a means of deterring bullies, it’s a way of building friendships. You go out of your way to make sure there is a nearby seat for that special someone. I remember from days gone long by, fighting to keep a seat free on the school bus for that pigtailed neighbor girl…just in case she wanted to sit with me. Sure it sounds cute, but she also did my homework in exchange for old halloween candy. It was a business arrangement.

Nowadays, saving a seat I will only do at movies. If you’re spending quality time with people you love, it’s best if you do it at a movie…where the conversation is minimal. In advance of my friends arrival, I just lay across four or five seats…and have a quick nap.  I find it also helps to unzip my pants a little, maybe have a big mustard smear on a dark blue sweatshirt. If anyone asks me to move, slipping my hand down my pants to adjust my boys usually sends the inquiring folk back a row or two.

So be sure to wear a little extra clothing, that can be peeled off in layers to drape across a row of eight or more seats. Taking your pants off might just get you kicked out of the event before it’s even started. Maybe a summer scarf or sarong would work best.

If you see me in the theatre napping through the previews, the answer is “Yes, these seats are taken!”


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