Day 6 Cure a Cold with Tequila!

Just two shots of the hard stuff…

…and you should be symptom free. I like to think a little warm brandy, or couple shots of bourbon do the trick. To others, tequila seem to be the cure all for what ails you.

Cold Cure Tequila
Pick your poison! Cuervo? Patron? Maybe a little worm is all you need to perk you up.

The theory may be questionable, but I’ll swear by it. Tequila, in all it’s nastiness, isn’t meant to be in your body or anyone else’s. The toxic nature, approaching that of gasoline, creates an unfriendly environment for those happy go-lucky cold viruses clinging to every doorknob and bus seat. Two shots…maybe three or four just to be on the safe side… puts your body into overdrive to fight that nasty poison.

As a result, you’re happy and on the road to a speedy recovery…depending on how many more shots you add to that initial intake.


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