Day 62 Stick to the Cheap Booze

Quantity Always Wins Over Quality

I’m not much of a connoisseur of fine liquors, but I do know that when mixed with cola…almost any booze is tolerable. It’s Friday, and payday isn’t for another three days. What that means is the only way to make it through the weekend is to drink the cheap stuff. What’s on special tonight?

buy me a drink
It’s the weekend, and time to lose myself in another few days away from the weekly grind. Without the funds…it’s a dive bar kind of night. More fun happens when the drinks are cheap and lights are dim enough to hide the rats.

Now maybe you have a few frequent drinking holes you like to attend. The quality of those establishments might vary from week to week depending on what you have saved up in the kitty. For tonight, I think the only drink that matters is the one I can afford. You know, the two dollar beer…that they just call a ‘mystery special’. Some might like the intrigue associated with a random cheap beer, I see it as an easy way to numb the experience of another work week.

Now as that tepid ale bloats my belly and the whiff of alcohol seeps into my bloodstream, I find myself getting all wordy and contemplative. Why would anyone pay more than they had to for just a drink? Top shelf vodka tastes pretty much the same as your bar rail equivalent, especially with mixed down with a little grapefruit juice and pinch of salt. The pretty waitress might not be so pretty in a better light, and really she is only bringing you a drink. There’s no phone number, extra back rub…or front rub involved. Currently, you are looking at being two things, social and drunk…no one is judging you based on which bottle your two ounces was poured from.

So I say sure life is short. Your budget is what should dictate your night. And hey, if you never get a taste for the good stuff then you really don’t know what you might be missing. Yes, I could buy a bottle and drink out of a paper bag in the alley, but I find the bums are less social than the Def Leppard t-shirt wearing ladies standing at the bar.

I don’t like knowing what you think I should know.


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