Day 65 Max Out That Cable Package

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I know it’s summer, and we should all be outside working on our tanlines. Not all of us are as productive though, and might be looking to save a few bucks rather than fritter away those hard earned dollars on some substandard restaurant offerings or subtitled foreign film. How do you save money? Get every channel your cable company can throw at you.

maximum television package
Just hook it straight into my veins! If you look closely, you can see the pure essence of cable television oozing from the tip of that copper.

Now normally the extra HBO or movie channel packages can boost your monthly cable bill to something less than friendly. Having all those viewing options available though will keep you from wildly spending your dough on cheap booze and pull tabs. Your place could be ‘Entertainment Central’! How much does that extra package of channels really cost?

I remember making a point to head out to a local pub to watch the hockey game. Part of that was because I didn’t get the channel the game was on at home. The remainder was due to a lack of beer in the fridge. Now if you think a game runs over the course of 2-3 hours. That’s 3-4 drinks, on a school night, and even game day specials probably total to around 15 bucks. If I was willpower was on the weaker side due to poor performance of the Canucks, chicken wings were involved. Add another 5-10 dollars depending on how many birds I felt were worth delimbing for the night. Do this even just once a week and the math is simple…buy a six-pack from across the street and pay for the package of sports channels.

Now I might not have easy access to rectal-burning chicken wings, but if I really had to…I could order in. Order Chinese and watch the game at home! Not worry about piss on the toilet seat, or waitresses that never seem to come. Win, win, win.

And if that Chinese doesn’t sit well with me…

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