Day 74 Shop On An Empty Stomach

Grab a Chocolate Bar and Fill Yer Basket

I know I have heard before that you really shouldn’t shop on an empty stomach, but you know as well as I do that shopping after a big meal results in way less food acquired than required…and not a whole lot of motivation to buy more. That big meal probably took you the better part of the evening to both cook up and consume, so it also means your shopping gets later and later. Stop procrastinating and get your ass out to the store while the sun is still up!

full shopping grocery cart
This is a very hungry lady shopping this evening. How the hell is she packing all of this out of the store?

With low blood sugar, your decisions are quicker. There’s no pissing around checking out the nutritional information on each label. There’s also no comparing of product prices in order to save a dime or two. You get what you want and get out.

And when you get home, you now need to fill your belly. The great thing is most of your purchases are now focused on quick and instant meals. Pop open the microwave and zap a pizza pocket, or bowl of instant noodles. 90 seconds results in a hearty and satisfying meal. While that meal is heating up, that bag of pepperoni sticks is just waiting there for consumption. Pair that tube of cured meat with a beer, and you have yourself a tasty little appetizer before the main course.

You deserve a treat anyways. The extra work you just did hauling that grocery load home did have additional health benefits. The lack of carbohydrate stores force your body into burning some of that pudge around your midsection, and adds to muscle mass. You just bought a buttload of goodies which weigh damn near close to a tonne, which requires some muscle. I assume of course you wouldn’t be caught dead wheeling around one of those old lady shopping carts.

Think about it. You wouldn’t have a fraction of the motivation to grocery shop after downing a half rack of baby back ribs. I know I wouldn’t. Mmmm….Ribs…


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