Day 77 Buy a Boat

It’s Summer, Time to Get Out on the Water

You wander down the water’s edge and sure enough you see so many people out there enjoying leisurely activities on the water. Maybe this is the year you open up the credit line and buy yourself a boat. Not a paddle board or kayak, a mutherfking boat! Don’t over think this…buying a boat has to be done only on impulse.

do not buy a boat
This trawler would be great for a small family. Consider it the ‘station wagon of the seas’. Not sexy, but it floats.

When it’s too damn hot in your apartment to sleep…like ours…it’s great to know there is a cool option to head down to and have that zen moment. Moor that vessel downtown, and assuming you’re working in the area it might be necessary to have a few extended coffee breaks…maybe even a ‘working lunch’ somewhere down on the docks. Certainly there can be a few team building exercises that can only be done while on the water, and the company will never fork out the dough to let you rent by the hour.

You know as well as I that being seaside, or lakeside, is essential to summer survival. The temperature is cooler, there might be a slight mosquito-filled breeze, also the opportunity to finally take up water skiing. Of course, girls in bikinis. Beer cozies. The friends, and strangers who are soon to be friends, that just seem to emerge from the woodwork for a cocktail or two.

Right now I am sitting in front of a computer in a stinking hot apartment and know I really should be rocking myself into a mild coma out on the water. Barbeque fired up and smokies ready for a little ketchup. Some Dark Side of the Moon cranked up to an above acceptable level. Maybe even a hammock stretched out across the railings to take in the unimpeded water view.

I had a boat, sold it…and now it might be time to buy back in.

Day 76 Take Your Books Down To the Boat and Do Some Studying