Day 8 The Pull-out Method

It’s all about timing

Now, for fear of offending anyone…there is no need to actually define what ‘the pull-out method’ really is. Maybe not a method, but a preference or a technique. You, as an avid googler can probably pull up the details, or ask your nearest casanova if you don’t know what we’re writing about here..

the pull out technique
Careful now, no one really wants an accident now…or 9 months from now…do they.

Now about this pulling out… it is an effective means of population control. It’s just a matter of knowing where your limit is and knowing just when enough is enough. Sure you just have to convince your willing partner that you are confident in your skills, and everything will be just fine.

That’s all part of the enjoyment. As our local lottery corporation puts it… ‘know your limit and stay within it’.

Besides, any additional protection might just kill the mood. Enjoy yourself!


Day 7 Add an extra squirt of perfume