Day 80 Liquor Yourself with Shots

Beer Before Liquor, Never Quicker

I don’t recall exactly how that expression finishes, maybe that is due to the sheer number of shots I have done over the years blurring my ability of recollection. In my early drinking days, shots were the quickest and most cost effective way to sample what each of those awesomely shaped bottles behind the bar actually contain. It was only after realizing that making bartending a temporary career choice that I found mixing liquors of different colors, flavors, and viscosities to be an absolut blast (yes, there is a pun in there).

shots are a bad idea
Many limes were sacrificed in the creation of this round of tequila shots. Please take a moment, and sprinkling of salt, to reflect on what sobriety is before consuming this splash of heaven.

Step back for a moment and think about it. How exactly does frangelico, creme de la creme and some other mystery bottle create liquid tasty enough to be confused for nutella? And blueberry tea, without any blueberries and a whole lot of amaretto? Sure there are the other less interesting and weaker shots, like the limey kamikaze or sickeningly sweet Irish car bomb, but save these for the ladies.

For me, my favorite by far had to be the Prairie Fire. Tequila and a bit of tabasco. I like a little heat though, and usually request the bottle of hot sauce to adjust the spice to my liking. The great thing about a healthy dose of tabasco in this heat is the sweat it brings on. Heat all throughout your mouth, a burn in your belly, and perspiration that just won’t stop. Maybe some Bailey’s on ice as an intermediary before the next round.

So skip the standard cocktails and aim straight for rapid inebriation. Shots are effective and quick to prepare. Get adventurous and order yourself up a 6/49. Random liqueurs and dim lights make for a night you likely can only relive through the drunken text messages you might have sent or the topless selfies you might have snapped in the bathroom.


On this eve of another national holiday, be sure to celebrate with a variety of different 28ml beverages. Maybe splurge and go for two ounce Muff Diver.


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