Day 82 Leave a Key Under the Doormat

Let Your Company Come Right On In

It’s the travelling season, and many of us will be on the road to visit friends and family in far-flung parts of the province and country. Now while company may be enroute, we all have responsibilities as well which means waiting around all day for those dawdling relatives to finally show up isn’t the best use of time.

hide a key under the doormat
You wouldn’t guess it, but the key to this place is carefully resting in the painting on the wall behind you. No one would guess it, only because they are usually busy snapping Instagram photos of the doormat.

I recently wrote about leaving your front door open, but really that should be a practice reserved for when you’re at home. When you aren’t home, locking the door is of course necessary if you value anything inside.

So where do you leave a key? Under the doormat, maybe a planter, or above the door on a ledge. Airbnb hosts have mastered this technique of stashing keys in the most obvious of places for their guests. In fact, you could probably do a little research as to where your local BnB hosts might be, and start off on a treasure hunt. You know a key is there, it’s just a matter of sniffing it out. Next time you’re out for a smoke, have a look around. Maybe there’s a little ‘treasure’ just waiting for you.

Yes, I know there are these fancy bluetooth-enabled door locking devices out there…slowly whittling away the profits your hardware store was eking out cutting keys. The idea is great…if the batteries are charged and your arriving guests have access to bluetooth, data, and know how to work their phone. My grandma has one of these devices, but it must be a first generation iPhone. Communicating instructions on how to do this new-fangled unlocking process, with an incompatible phone, might just be a bit much for someone that saw the rise of automobiles and conclusion of the First World War. Keys she knows.

Keep it simple for your imminent company. Friends obliged to drop by and check on your place while you are away on a roadtrip now have access. Stalkers can slip in and bake you a nice tray of cookies. That drunken uncle has a place to pop in and have a shower. Hide a key in a convenient place for anyone to find. Keep the key to the liquor cabinet hidden though. Some things are worth keeping locked up.

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