Day 85 Cook Everything On High

To Satisfy That Appetite, Prepare Your Food Quick

All of our burners have levels from low through to high. You have seen the settings, but ever think about it? A watched pot never boils when sitting on the stove at ‘low’. A frying pan with a couple eggs in it, veggies, and cheese doesn’t get any tastier when simmered on medium. To expedite matters, set your element to ‘high’ and get the job done.

flambe extra heat
This kitchen cooker has gone to the next extreme and lit the oil on fire. When the burner just can’t be turned up high enough…be sure to choose an ignitable cooking medium for that extra blast of heat!

Sure you might ‘love to cook’ but what you really mean is you like to prepare and consume food. The part related to standing in front of a hot stove, with hot bacon grease spattering against your naked skin…well it might be stimulating…but not and activity anyone wants to stretch out with a low heat level.

I know you have attempted cooking on the other dial settings, but really…what were you trying to accomplish. By setting the burner lower, did that really allow you time to cut up a few bananas to put into a fruit salad? Maybe run downstairs and grab the mail quick. The success of multitasking is a myth. Don’t piss around, just set to high and get that meal hot.

The oven might be a different story. I know putting a frozen pizza in at 500F results in a very crispy exterior and moist, maybe still frozen interior. A couple extra minutes in the oven and I think that might be the cause of the smoky summer sunsets we have, I did put a couple of those pizzas in the oven tonight…in case you were wondering about the reddish orange glow at the horizon. I do like my pizza crust crunchy though.

Sure, over the course of your food preparation days a few oils might smoke. There might be a bit of a charred edge around the pan. Any protein portions are probably burnt on the surface and gooey pink on the inside. I like a little tataki, and if you haven’t done seared chicken before…life is short…give it a shot with a small dish of wasabi and soy sauce.

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