Day 94 Polyamory, Love Everyone

Love Thy Neighbor

We have so much love to share. It just doesn’t seem natural to restrain myself to one person. This is a big world with a whole lot of people, all looking for a little companionship. You figure with this many people all clamoring for each other’s attention, there is bound to be a bit of relationship overlap. We’re complicated beings and sometimes it takes a few people to really complete you.

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The idea of polyamory is nothing new. Turkish princes understood the satisfaction that comes with a palace full of beautiful women. I bet his place was damn clean and a whole lot of freshly baked cookies every time he returned home.

Now it doesn’t just have to be inclusion of another individual in the bedroom. We lead busy lives, and sometimes it just isn’t practical to coordinate that many people in one location at one time. Spreading your love around might be the best bet. A few ladies in different locations, unbeknownst to each other might be the safest best…because sometimes jealousy can be a bitch. Somehow those Mormons continue to make it work though.

You could always avoid the complications that come with additional relationships, and look for a quick ‘professional’ version. For a few dollars it seems an uncommitted tension release can be found pretty much anywhere. We have a couple of those joints right downstairs, and as long as they continue to deliver satisfied customers…I think they will be in business long, long time.

Staying single and working a pay-as-you-go model might be the most cost conscious approach to life. Having a few extra bodies under the same roof, all contributing to the bills, house cleaning and general group satisfaction might also be an easy way of keeping costs down. Sounds like a lifestyle reminiscent of a few decades ago. With the number of bearded men and resurgence of bell bottoms, we might see a few more of these communal live and love domiciles come back into fashion.

Love never goes out of style, so keep your options open. As for navigating that polyamorous lifestyle, I find being a very convincing smooth talker is essential.


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