Day 97 Work Beers On a Friday Afternoon

Call It a Teambuilding Event

I got started at lunch with a couple gin martinis. It was a good idea at the time, but the couple hours after that alcohol infused meal…I was wondering how much longer I had to sit there at my desk, aimlessly surfing the web looking for pages that might resemble work. Trying to look busy with a few cocktails in your system can be difficult, but I guess that’s what you get paid for.

obama beer white house
Finding a nice secluded area to have a few work related beer can be a great team building event. Discussions here about genealogy and war were only precursors to the photographed ‘Cheers’ moment here when one of these guys succeeded in finally attaching the tap to the keg.

That was until 3PM hit. Not only did I suddenly hit a wall, but an impromptu invite into an empty wing of the building for a few wobbly pops showed up in my inbox. Try as I might, there wasn’t much happening at my desk and I still had a few hours to kill before picking up my girlfriend…so why not. Drinking away the last couple hours of the day sounds like a damn fine kind of Friday afternoon meeting. Let’s just call it a ‘Brainstorming Session’.

Now these are coworkers I sit with for a good nine hours a day. We create. We argue. We complain about how things are managed…or not managed. We trade innocuous stories about how the weekend was filled with inane family events and how the weather seems to be warmer than normal. With a couple beers in each of us, suddenly we all open up and start discussing hobbies and interests. I didn’t know Daisy was a burlesque dancer on Monday nights. I also didn’t realize Alfred was into knitting, however that would explain all those ugly scarves I thought his blind grandmother made for him. Fred has 6 kids? I was recommending that he just look at getting snipped to prevent any further accidents. Best to be certain, than risk any kind of technique.

And…this is only a spontaneous Friday afternoon ‘meeting’. With a few extra adult beverages in these individuals…such as at a Christmas Party…I am sure we would be venturing all too easily into treacherous and very personal territory. Those secret office romances suddenly aren’t so secret and you quickly find out who the overly friendly and very bad drunks are. Memories that can be a bit tough to shake the following week when you’re watching these previously respected coworkers now up on stage for a presentation.

Luckily I don’t care who might be sneaking around with who. If you’re a bad drunk, well maybe we should hang out a little more often and swap more stories.


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