Day 7 Two Squirts of Perfume Please

More is Always Better

When you ladies find that scent in a bottle you can’t live without…same goes for you cologne wearing guys out there… be sure to put enough on for the rest of us to notice. Two full squirts will have your scent lasting an entire day.

more perfume or cologne
When you’re feeling like you might have a little extra stink to cover up…try a couple squirts

Personally, I like it when duty-free rolls through the plane and eager customers just can’t wait to try out their new fragrance. It’s a new present after all, and they just got a screaming tax-free deal on that bottle. A captive audience with little to no air movement so as to not whisk away that scent too quickly.

Spray away my friends. Cloak yourself in your scent of choice and be sure to share with friends. They certainly would tell you if you ever exceeded any threshold their noses can take.


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