About The Author

The ‘BAD ADVICE’ Author

I’m just a guy with a bit of experience worth sharing. This challenge came about after a few drinks and hearing that friends were taking on a 100 Days Challenge. They were doodling little bits of creativity, or painting tiny canvases. That’s not my bag though…I like to write.

As for what to write, well we all have picked up tidbits of advice which we individually adhere to. Experiences that may have been mildly traumatizing at the time, but now are great for small talk amongst strangers when you’ve exhausted discussions about the weather and the poor performance of your local sports teams. Being as I’m in Vancouver…it’s almost always raining and for that last number of years our professional sports team performance has been less than spectacular.

So that’s it. A guy with a challenge. 100 days can’t be that hard. And it’s creative. Be forewarned though, not everything on here is sugary and sweet. There may be a little NSFW material here…depending on my mood for the day.


The Necessary Disclaimer

Now that you have read a little about me, I just have to say that this is for the most part BAD advice. The nature of this blog is intended to be sarcastic. If you happen to want to follow any of the advice featured on this blog, I am not to be held responsible for anything that happens. If friends shun you, that’s your fault. If there is an accidental pregnancy…that’s your poor decision. If you lose your job as a result of reading this blog and following some of the tips…too bad for you. You are gullible and shouldn’t be swayed by what you read on the internet. This worldwide web is a platform for anyone to post what they want, when they want, without any factual basis for what they publish.


I don’t know how to make that disclaimer any clearer. If you decide to do follow this advice (I know I am repeating myself now), I will not be held responsible for any part of the consequences. You have been warned!