Day 95 Have A Cigar With Your Whiskey

Suck Back a Cigar When You Are Seaside

I have always been a fan of the scent of smouldering tobacco, especially when of the hand rolled Cuban variety. Back in those days when I had a boat, I fondly remember working away in the engine room and catching a steady stream of cigar smoke from one of my floating neighbors. Wafts of singed foreign leaves mixed with the moist and salty sea air is damn pleasant. Makes me want to develop a earth shattering manly scent…maybe as a deodorant. Don’t steal my idea now!

smoke cigar bad advice
Cuban, Dominican, take your pick. When lighting up one of these babies your tastebuds will explode with delight. Now I can’t tell you if that’s the tobacco, or remnants of her third world nail polish…but it is damn good!

I have commented on the joys that cigarettes bring me, but never on the satisfaction a long pull on the end of a stogie provides. We’re not talking about those wimpy little wine-dipped cigarillos, with the cheap plastic tip on the end. It’s only with an authentic cigar that you can appreciate the banding. A tight and clean wrap. The precision of a neatly clipped end cap. The toasting of that freshly trimmed end. The glow of an even burn. The thick plumes of haze that develop along the ceiling of the room. Smoking a cigar is an experience.

Only the taste of that hand-rolled leaf can provide such a memories. It’s those first flavors that really light me up. Maybe it’s the thoughts of the love and labor that has gone into each and every one of those treats. In addition, knowing that the delicate and precise fingers that working women and children have focused their sweaty hands on creating this smoky goody just for me.

And cigars can really be had for any occasion. Cigars don’t have to be just for the birth of a boy, or a round of golf. I know at the convenience store on the corner, I can pick myself up a couple for the weekend, for only five dollars. Since I don’t have a boat to run down to I figure just hanging out on the seawall, maybe in the joggers lane, will just have to suffice. Now how can I possibly go wrong.

Now about that manly scent, should it have more sea air or more smokiness?


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