Day 93 Surprise Her With A Ring In Her Dessert

Surprise Her With A Glass of Champagne

Ah, it’s summer and those spring romances are suddenly turning to visions of the future. New couples start looking into moving in together, and even getting a dog. Since kids sometimes require the formality of a wedding… and there are so many of those underway these July weekends… the romantic inspiration is bound to result in a few proposals.

buy her dessert instead of a vacation
This kind of looks like it might be Florence, maybe near the Ponte Vecchio. This just seems cheesy, and expensive. He could have saved on the airfare and just bought a nice meal at a fancy restaurant…with a bottle of Dom. Storybook engagements always end in disaster.

Now you have seen the big deal so many guys put into the process. It’s not just a matter of asking your future father-in-law, then getting down on one knee. There has to be a show. Something momentous and memorable. Something bigger than what your buddy did last year. Something that also hasn’t been done recently by any of the guys her girlfriends might have experienced with their own special moments. So much pressure. You could just buck that trend, and go with a flashy dinner and coordinate with the waiter to slip the ring into her glass. Maybe a little advance notice to get that engagement ring baked into a lava cake… or frozen into an ice cream bar. You know she likes food, just be certain it’s a meal or drink she can’t refuse. Also, a very public place…so she really can’t refuse.

We’re all seasoned veterans of eating tasty treats with treasures in them. Parents start us off young, by baking a few unwashed coins in a cake. I know I have eaten a few pennies in my younger days. I still swear some of that copper and zinc is providing me with my daily recommended intake, because I never did hear those coins tinkle in the bottom of the toilet bowl, and I sure as hell won’t waste my money on vitamins.

Everyone knows she’s a dainty eater, so the chances of her consuming the ring is slim…if you were ever concerned. If that pricey purchase does evade her oral defenses, a bit of exlax and a strainer might be necessary. You certainly aren’t going to literally flush two-months of salary down the crapper. You were looking for a memory, this would definitely take the cake. At least that rock isn’t passing through your urethra.

So, surprise her with goodies in her food and drink. After the ring, I’m wondering what else I can hide in treats.


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