Day 81 Drive Downtown For Those Big Events

Relax in the Privacy Of Your Own Vehicle

It’s Canada Day here in Vancouver. Amongst the partially inebriated citizens weaving through the sidewalks and streets there also seems to be parades and a whole lot more in the way of store sales going on. I assume retailers are under the impression that the non-working public will also be in the vicinity of downtown, so why not separate those celebrating Canadians from some of their hard earned cash. It’s also a great way to move some that old red and white inventory.

Drive downtown for fireworks
I drove all the way in from the valley, and have been sitting here all afternoon and now these assholes feel they can just swoop in and snap a few pictures at the last moment, while blocking my view? Some Canadians are just so inconsiderate.

Now there are fireworks and parades going on downtown as well. To get a good spot for either event, you need to get down there early and set up camp with your folding chairs, hibachi, cooler full of beer, and maybe a barking dog to keep those other early arrivers at leash distance. Packing all that gear down doesn’t just happen with a backpack and a bus, you really need to work out the logistics and drive down with either a small pickup or a minivan. Obviously a vehicle with a little cargo room.

Now once you have all your goodies loaded up, driving downtown should be a breeze. Traffic? A few extra cars on the road, plus gridlock, doesn’t phase you because you have the comfort of your own endless supply of air conditioning and Apple Music which you can stream free…for the next three months anyways. Sit back, take your time…be courteous and let a few drivers cut in front of you. We have a holiday people, sit back and enjoy the ride.

When you finally arrive, it might be best to just drop off your passengers and lounging gear at your preferred viewing site. This is actually a good tip, since a full cooler of beer can be challenging to cart all the way from that parking spot you find. I guess that is why coolers now have wheels. Science and innovation working for the everyday man…I love it.

So parking…there is bound to be a few people that also have the same idea and drove downtown as well. Of course, with everyone having a day off to celebrate the nation’s birthday…any of those temporary 2 hour parking spots might be a little harder to come by…have patience and wait. Cruising the streets looking for a parking spot isn’t the best option. You don’t see hunters roaming through the bush looking for deer…they sit and wait…maybe even hide. Be a hunter and find yourself a good parking spot.

You’ve parked, you are settled…you finally have a beer in hand and you can relax. Enjoy these few moments before the crowd really rolls in. Fireworks…and bam, it’s all over. Gather up your belongings in the dark and haul all that back to the minivan. Maybe ask a stranger to help haul the cooler in exchange for a few of those unfinished beer.

And for the drive back, well just know that it might take a while. A great time to flick on sports radio and find out what all happened on the NHL free agent front. I should be home before midnight…if anyone wants to send me a text.


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