Day 13 The Italian Shower

Men’s Fragrances have a Future

You’ve smelled these fragrant individuals. The guys that have realized that showering everyday can be somewhat of a nuisance. Simplifying life is a great way of saving time for better use elsewhere…like carousing on a Friday night.

Freshen up with an Italian shower
These guys for certain freshened up a little before heading out!

For those of you not attuned to this great little life hack, the concept is simple. Forgo the shower, wet your hair and add a some more hair gel (yes, the real stuff…none of that fancy schmancy mousse or sculpting wax). Follow up with an extra dollop of deodorant, under each arm of course. Finish with a liberal spritz of your favorite cologne.

And with that little tidbit of advice, you can shave a good 10 minutes off your daily prep time before leaving the house. Maybe even just before going out for a long night on the town…like tonight.

Have fun, and say hi to the ladies for me. I didn’t make it out this evening.


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