Day 20 Poptarts were Designed For Breakfast

You Can’t Miss Breakfast…Ever!

For a quick energy blast to the day, PopTarts have to be one of the best designed breakfast foods. If you’re looking to speed up your exit from the house in the early hours of the morning, pop one of these bad boys in the toaster and suddenly you have an instant hot breakfast.

poptart breakfast
Grab one of these for the road and save yourself minutes of time wasted in front of a cereal bowl. Double fist it with a coffee!

Freezable, compact, stacks flat! From an engineering standpoint, the only features these tasty pastry-like items are missing is the ability to start fires in emergency situations or patch holes in a boat.

And…just when you thought a single sugar-filled starchy fruit flavored packet was it…they decide to offer an icing drizzle. Screw the pleasantries. Just tear that little polymeric bag open and squirt that sweet nectar right into your mouth hole.

Mmmmm…breakfast. The most important meal of the day.


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