Day 30 Relax with a Drink Before that Big Interview

Your Potential New Boss Can Smell Anxiety

You’ve spent the last many hours, maybe days researching different products the company produces. You’ve tried to understand their green initiatives, or community support programs. It’s all a lot to digest, only to try and regurgitate those threads of temporary learnings into something hopefully intelligible when put on the spot.

anxiety reduction interview
Now this poor guy looks like he really could have used a double, or triple, before walking into this interview. Maybe next time buddy…next time

Maybe a shot or two of whatever might be in the back of your dad’s liquor cabinet is just what you need. I remember running across something labelled ‘Little Brown Jug’. Fantastic stuff…if you’re looking for an alternative to rocket fuel that is. Prior to that stressful interview, it only took half an ounce to take the edge off.

And when relaxed, just a little, those tidbits of information I was suddenly able to string together and rock that interview. Don’t ask me what I might have said over the course of those 30 minutes…but whatever words came out must have been good. Not only did I get the job, but I now keep a mini flask at my desk for…well…who knows…


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