Day 42 Hang Out At the Schoolyard

Generosity Is The Greatest Human Trait

You, just like everyone else, has fallen for those post-holiday candy sales seen in every grocery store. Halloween candy, that is better sold at a discount in November, than stashed in a warehouse for yet another year. Heart-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that won’t be big sellers, even at Easter. At half-price, or less, you are forgiven for buying these treats. Just don’t eat them alone.

bad advice van candy
If sweets weren’t enough to garner attention from nearby little ones, maybe a flashy van like this would do the trick. If kids aren’t nearby, consider rolling up to bus stops and offer a lift to awaiting riders…with candy!

How to solve this lonely problem? Well, who likes candy? Children of course. It doesn’t matter what kind of sugar-shaped packet the candy comes in…kids are all over those goodies. Now, where do you find kids? The playground of course, or maybe the schoolyard.

Maybe it’s lunchtime, you have a big bag of sweets that need to get eaten…why not head on down to the nearest kid central area and start passing out treats. Have a few yourself. Share…because sharing is caring of course. Now because some of the other adults might be jealous of your wealth of candy and general generosity towards the young ones, maybe it’s best you do the handing out of goodies from the comfort of your car or van. For additional anonymity, look into investing in window tint as well.

Now cavities are linked to sugar. Definitely spend a few minutes and brush your teeth afterwards, because you never really know when you might get the next opportunity to clean those pearly whites.

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