Day 48 Drinking Can Improve Your Studying

Mix Up A Cocktail to Go With That Calculus

I always figured a drink was good for both loosening up the conversation, plus opening those neural pathways to pure enlightenment. That difficult physics problem suddenly was easier to solve after a beer. That 1500 word essay on the oppression of seasonal fruit pickers or union city workers. That chemistry homework, for which a drink truly could be considered…well…research.

drinking and homework
It’s Friday, and after a long week I like two ounces of bourbon to make this accounting homework go down easier. Debit? Credit? You mean they are just words and really have nothing specifically to do with accounting? Amazing!

Alcohol releases inhibitions. You remember learning this as a teenager, when you woke up naked in a closet in some strange house, with something unidentifiably crusty stuck to your foot. Without that liquor, you wouldn’t have so freely explored the world, or made some random Facebook friends. It just makes sense that when applying the same strategies to book learning…a beer should be an essential learning tool.

In addition, cleansing the brain of some tired old grey matter is good once in a while. Excess booze can dry up those withered and over-used brain cells for reabsorption by the body. This process allows previously under-utilized portions of the brain to fire up and make learning so much damn quicker. Just like a defrag…whatever that does.

With summer in season, and your desire to fill that TV void with educational pursuits…be sure to start with a fresh brain slate, and crack a cold one. Those quizzes at the end of Chapter 2 are a bitch.