Day 52 Donate to My Nigerian Prince Friend

He Just Needs Fifty Dollars

Just like any Kickstarter project, this Nigerian buddy of mine almost has enough money for a plane ticket home. Apparently Kojo was ‘kind of exiled’ by his family at 17, to go and experience the world. With him ending up in North America, he hasn’t faired so well due to racial tensions…having to live in the rougher parts of town and work as a bag boy at the Shop-and-Save.

black nigerian prince
How could you not give a ‘fro like this your fifty dollars. Here’s a guy that will head home and rock the throne, with style.

Kojo has been working his ass off, so he says, and now has a true appreciation for work ethic and the almighty dollar. I will admit, he is a good worker. Eight years of blue collar life was the goal and now that he has just turned 25, it’s time to head home and reclaim his rightful and rich position on the throne. This princely figure thought he would have saved up enough cash for that ticket home, but that hasn’t quite happened, due to a weak economy and minimum wage that barely covers the cost of a roof overhead. Kojo’s family has stipulated that part of the deal is that he has to return on his own dime.

Now, I know donating to his plane flight fund isn’t exactly playing by the rules originally spelled out the returning regulations. When sitting with the guy to brainstorm a few revenue generating options that might be more profitable than eight bucks an hour, we realized that with his experience as Nigerian royalty he can offer a priceless experience. Maybe cook an authentic meal for paying guests, write a poem, make a guest appearance at a house party…the options are endless.

So, if you have a spare $50 bucks laying around and you need an interesting random individual to liven up your next fondue party, I know a guy that will not only show up with many stories to tell…but swears on his dead grandmother that when he gets home he will return that fifty bucks 100 times, as a sign of gratitude.

I expect to be $5000 richer in only a few short months, which I then figure I could use to fly out to Nigeria and thank Kojo personally. Maybe I could even look into an upgrade to business class. Contact me for details.

I’ll even collect the fifty off you.


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