Day 58 Procrastinate…Someone Else Will Do It

Why Do Today, What You Can Just Do Tomorrow?

Procrastinators succeed for a reason. Someone else will always pick up the pieces. We all have angels in our lives, and we know those go-getters enjoy taking care of the little day-to-day details. Paying the bills, cleaning our houses, filing taxes, taking care of strata business. You know, all the stuff you really can’t be bothered with doing ever.

lazy gamers
This guy could be studying, however the GTA seems to be more of an attention draw. He said he would take the garbage out just as soon as he completes the level, mission, or something like that.

Some say procrastination is a disease. Some say the first step to curing myself is to put together a list. Why would I want to spend my time overwhelming myself with a list of all the things I apparently have to do. No one needs that kind of anxiety. The reality is that I haven’t really had to do anything, for anyone in a while, so why should I start now? The garbage still gets taken out. Somehow work still gets done, and paychecks continue to roll in while my lunch breaks have gotten longer and longer. Raises still come in annually and I still have drinking money at the end of the month.

Call it yin and yang. For every overachiever out there, the universe must have a balancing force. As procrastinators, we equalize the efforts of the industrious. We fill the pockets of big game design companies and the inventor of BBQ and Dill Pickle nacho chips. Without couches, Netflix, and zero desire to go outside…we would be putting so many creative people out of work. Valuable minds dedicated to finding new ways to make money from those individuals lacking any drive.

That reminds me…I guess I should also wash the car. I am sure it will rain next week anyways. Maybe I should leave the windows open for the birds to pick the chip crumbs from the carpet too.


Day 57 – I Wonder If Those Birds Might Pick the Glitter From My Seat Cushions Too