Day 61 Carpet in the Bathroom

Shag can be Shagadelic Baby

What happened to the 70’s…and 80’s for that matter? I miss the days of being able to walk into a bathroom, and still have all the comfort underfoot that I might have in a bedroom or living room. Not only softness you can walk on, but the sound dampening quality of a carpeted bathroom can make that big empty, and tiled space, excellent for acoustics. I hear Jimi Hendrix used to sing and write while sitting on the crapper in his grandma’s bathroom. A movement indeed!

bathroom with carpet
The rich burgundy of this carpet was very carefully selected. Not only regal in appearance, unsightly blood stains are also guaranteed to be hidden.

Standing for a pee, or sitting for a poop…those unnatural fibers all intertwined in my toes…it’s really quite relaxing. With the right decor, like some candles or a collection of shells…you could really make a true ‘throne’. If you’re an interior designer, I can’t stress enough the need to pick a suitable color for the rug. Light colors might look spectacular on install, but you have to be thinking longer term. Shades that are patterned can help to disguise the discolorations that happen with time…or parties.

The challenge with any carpeted bathroom is where to put the toilet brush and plunger. You know when having company over, someone will have the need for a quick plunge to hide evidence of their high fiber diet. After a quick in-and-out of the plunger, it’s tough to find a decent spot to stash the plunger so as to not leave a big water ring on the rug. To avoid such guest embarrassment, hide the plunger and just encourage everyone to pinch it back.

Maybe resorting to a plush mat around the toilet is enough. Match it with the equivalent toilet seat cover. At least it catches the odd stray drop or two.


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