Day 64 Pierce Your Nipples

Other Naughty Bits Too, If You’re Into That

You have two nipples, and they have been parked there for years on your chest…idly. Now there are mothers out there that put those nipples to good use, but for the rest of us…the darkened areolae are there awaiting a purpose.

bad nipple piercing
This guy must have snagged his other barbell on his shirt while taking it off. I think when getting this kind of work done, the piercer should have a criteria on what are ‘good nipples’ to pierce.

With advancements in sterilization, and craftsmen looking for other ways to market rings and studs normally destined for earlobes…the nipple is a logical next step. As perfect as the breast is in design, the nipple seems to be located only for decoration. The joy of this decorative feature is here you have a part of the body that responds firmly to any physical stimulation. If you are like me, you also want to keep those nipples erect most of the time…running a ring through the pointy tip is a great start.

I had both of mine done many years ago. I do agree that with a couple of metal rings running through the center of each nip does provide a little perk. I also found that flannel was the best option to keep the chafing to a minimum. Grunge fashion had purpose as well as comfort. It’s the crowd surfing that takes a toll on any loose body hardware.

If little hoops aren’t your speed, maybe a couple barbells are a better option. The added attention two extra knobs provide when wearing a snug fitting wife beater, can be quite interesting. Personally, I always found the barbells would snag when towelling off after a shower. Too much, too early in the day for me which made those shiny balls on a bar definitely not my preference.

So yes, I am recommending piercing of the nipples. Not one, but both. If you like…maybe more than once for each. Friends will find you daring, and strangers will wonder what you might have stored under that shirt.

Go with a couple rings large enough, and I have heard you can boost your cell phone range. Maybe that was after stringing a light chain between the two.


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