Day 70 Leave the Front Door Open

Be Neighborly and Invite Everyone In

I remember growing up when the only time we locked the door was when we were leaving for a few weeks on vacation. It seemed strange to secure the house when away, but I guess locking the door was essential to ensuring our goodies are still at home when we got back. Any other time, the door was wide open and only the screen door shut to keep the bugs out.

be neighborly and leave the door open
There has to be a thousand people that walk this street every day, and I bet no one even bothers to check the door. If strangers don’t belong inside, they don’t go inside. Simple!

Now when hanging around the house, locking the front door is a sign to your neighbors that they just aren’t welcome. Why would you ever want to portray yourself as a quiet recluse? When borrowing a cup of sugar unannounced, I know it puts me off to wander next door and hear three or four different locking mechanisms being unhitched, only after the peephole has been thoroughly scouted. Are they afraid I might be a meth addict?

The chances are that no one will ever walk in the door unannounced, other than family and inconsiderate friends. With texting being a more socially acceptable form of communication than even making a phone call, why would anyone want to see your smiling face? This lack of sudden visitors should also quell any fears of needing to be presentable at all times. If few people are showing up, wandering around the house with no pants on should be just fine. A shower once in a while is recommended though, you aren’t an animal.

So the next time you get home and walk in your front door, consider leaving that deadbolt in the open position. Have faith in humanity. The world will not come and claim your personal items for display at the flea market. Maybe some of that leftover fruit salad might suddenly disappear, which would be a good thing considering it was already a few days old.

Stay friendly, my friends…


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