Day Zero! Let’s take on this 100 day challenge

Administration… boring but necessary

Here’s how it starts. A few drinks and questions on what you could do for 100 days in a row. Daunting…maybe… You bounce around stories of people doing yoga poses, maybe sketches, or even writing a single page for a novella or collection of short stories.

Here the challenge is simple. Creative…that’s questionable. Critics are everywhere, so I expect all of you to have your two cents. How about 100 days of bad advice. Everyone seems to think they can offer up good advice…which is always subjective. Here, we’re aiming for common sense bad advice…which may not be common sense for everyone.

So, Day Zero. Why a zeroth day? Because I need a bit of time to set up the infrastructure here. Posting a tweet is one thing…lost to the infiniteness of the internet in all of 60 days. Eternalizing those quips in an actual page takes a bit more effort. Let’s call it a foundation for bad advice tips.

I am sure your mother would agree, and disapprove at the same time.