Day 22 Being Fashionably Late

Whenever did a Party Really Start On Time?

At some point, people felt that being a bit late to an event was fashionable. How punctuality and fashion come together is beyond me, but I realized that start times for social events are really more of a suggestion.

too early at the bar
She’s on time…which means she’s way too early. She should have grabbed a coffee or movie before this place gets going.

Let the party start…and arrive when in full swing. There are few things worse than being the first one to arrive at an event, only because you were punctual. When arriving early, you have to see the host/hostess scramble about to get themselves prettied up (they too are running late) and you are left with the uncomfortable situation of either helping with party setup…or sitting there alone awkwardly.

Instead…plan accordingly. Grab a 20 minute nap. Make yourself one extra drink before heading out. Maybe convince your lovely partner now is the perfect time for a quickie. Just be sure to spend a few extra moments enjoying the moments before the event instead of anxiously awaiting the party to really start.

If anyone gives you flack, just say you lost track of time while reading this overly engaging blog.


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