Day 23 Safety Glasses Aren’t Always Necessary

People are Just too Cautious

Some people anyways. The last company I worked at was so safety cautious, the mere thought of walking out into the lab area was considered to be a danger zone. There rarely was there any high pressure gas lines to worry about, or sudden projectiles from nearby coworkers. Shit happens sometimes…but not often enough to wear those ugly, nose-pinching, scratched up glasses.

Safety visor and PPE
And when glasses aren’t enough, this guy has removed all elements of risk prior to his third date. Have fun buddy…tell us all about it.

You see hockey players not wearing visors when they make it to the NHL. Because they have made it to the big leagues and now fire harder shots at the net that those weak little junior players should be cause for additional protective gear…but no. The common comment is ‘It impedes my vision’.

Same goes for safety glasses. If I can’t see what I’m doing, I’m likely to hurt myself. Logic then dictates I should just be cognizant of when and where shrapnel might fly, and as a result a sharper individual.

After all, you can’t feel the details with a glove on. Whether it’s a glove for your hand or for another member.


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