Day 11 Best Before is only a Suggestion

What is “Expired Food” Anyways?

Remember back in the day when food had an actual expiry date. Now in these days of political correctness, someone had the balls to soften the language to ‘best before’. Who is the judge of what makes that food best before a single date?

expired food is fine
The best damn cheese on earth! If it’s ain’t blue, it ain’t for you.

Maybe someone kept that cottage cheese in a nice cool fridge. On a bag of chips? even when 10 years old…that salty, fatty mild crispness is still damn tasty. That’s what preservatives are for after all.

Now think of buttermilk, sour cream and yogurt. Don’t they get better with age? Let’s think about those monster wheels of parmesan. The impress in the side when those tasty rounds are made…not ‘best consumed by’.

I say as long as is doesn’t smell too funky…make it dinner…or lunch! What doesn’t kill you should make you stronger anyways, right?


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